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Lhündrub Pandita

The Celebration of the Vajraholder

Seiten: 116

Jahr: 2013

ISBN-13: 978-3-941442-96-5, 2013

Art.Nr.: 7087

Format: kartoniert (A4)

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Beschreibung / Inhaltsübersicht

The present commentary by Lhündrup Pandita describes the empowerment on Anuttara-yoga Tantra. Each step of the empowerment’s preparatory and main section is explained in detail enabling the student to enhance his understanding of Tantra in general and Anuttarayoga Tantra empowerment in particular.


Tantra-Class: Anuttarayoga-Tantra

Requirements: Empowerment in Anuttarayoga-Tantra


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To order this text it is required to have an empowerment into this specific practice. The empowerment is given by a teacher in form of a meditational ritual. When ordering this title please write the name of the teacher and the date and place of the empowerment into the order form.